There's just the two of us, Stefan and Reid, working, living and playing in the somewhat infamous part of Vancouver, BC, known as East Van.

This small T-shirt endeavor mostly counts as playing. A good friend taught us the basics of silkscreening in 2003, and whatever else we've learned, it happened as we went along. We definitely keep it simple (Try it, it's fun!).

We have a strong DIY ethic, so we only create and sell what we can silkscreen ourselves in Reid's living room. Some of our designs are hand drawn, some are cut & paste and some are non- or anti-copyrighted images found in zines. We use a high quality water based ink for fabrics and heat set each image with an iron, ensuring a slow fade of colour. Up until now, we've been selling at craft fairs, festivals and consignment clothing stores.

We both want to send a big thanks to all the friends that have helped us along the way, the folks that have helped us at fairs and festivals, those who have provided so much moral support, our sexy models, and of course, Ashley, our talented web designer (you're the best, Ash!)